Monday, May 2, 2011

How to handle stress??

Haha.. poyo je.. sobonanye den nie na cito psl apo den suko buek kalo den na handle storess.. Amboi,bruk betol bunyi eyh.. haha.. lpekan.. mngarut je ckp nogori ak ne.. entry kali ne na cte,ape sy sllu wt utk handle stress.. Korg knal YUNA x?? Ala,yg kecik2,manis n lunak suara dea tu.. hah.. Yuna too sbnrnye my peberet artist.. lagu2 dea la mnjdi inspirasi utk kuatkan smngat ne.. sbb dea pny lagu mmg mksod mndalam.. n liriks dea mmg sgt touch deep too my heart taw.. ne bbrapa lyrics dea la..

Backpacking Around Europe-Yuna

It's a small world darling
And we are still young
We might be so far away
We might just meet again someday

Blue Sands-Yuna

And everything will get better if I stay for a while
And we’ll find another way to be happy one day
And everything will get better if you hold on for a while
And the sea come and sweeps us away from here


You've taking over my head again,
I'm folding each memory in,
Asking permission to keep it in your

When will you love again,
Wmpty.. is what you are,
Without the nice things you had before

So what was it to you
Were we or weren't we?
Did it come back for you?
Now there you finally see

These streets-Yuna

I patiently waited for something to replace the dark
I got out alone because I can’t sleep
It’s a beautiful moonlight tonight
I don’t know I’m here by myself
We used to walk under these light with you